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CHAGR 2111 5111 0211 5211 5311 Thermal conductivity silicon grease

Thermal conductive silicon grease is used in electronic devices for thermal conductivity materials, with excellent thermal conductivity.

  1. Thermal conductivity: 1.2-3.5 W/m.K

  2. Low settling, room temperature storage

  3. Excellent resistance to high and low temperature, excellent weather and radiation resistance

  4. Excellent dielectric properties

  5. Excellent chemical and mechanical stability

Color: White

Packaging: 1L/barrel

Application: Power module, Integrated chip, Power supply module, Automotive electronics, The telecommunications equipment, Com, puter and its accessories

CHAGR 11 seriescan be applied by hand, specially designed automated equipment, brushing or wiping. Certain designs of grease guns may seize up with silicone compounds; test prior to use. A thinner consistency can be achieved by dispersing in solvents such as xylene, mineral spirits and methyl ethyl ketone.

CHAGR 11 seriescan then be applied by brushing, dipping or spraying. CHAGR 11 series should not be applied to any surface which will be painted or finished.

Such coatings may not adhere to the silicone-treated surface. If contaminated by a silicone coating, parts can be wiped or washed with solvent, washed with detergent, or immersed in an alcoholic potassium hydroxide solution and then rinsed in clear water before

ItemTest MethodsCHAGR 2111CHAGR 5111CHAGR 0211CHAGR 5211CHAGR 5311
Base materialASTM D374siliconesiliconesiliconesiliconesilicone
AppearanceVisualWhite liquidWhite liquidWhite liquidWhite liquidWhite liquid
Viscosity mPa.sG B/T2794-2013120,00080,000200,000150,000250,000
Thermal conductivity (W/m∙K)ASTM D54701.
Density (g/ cm3)ASTM D7922.
Volatile (%)
Oil from (%)
Dielectric constant (MHz)ASTM D1503.
Volume resistance(Ω·cm)ASTM D257≥2×1014≥2×1014≥2×1014≥2×1013≥2×1012
Long-term use temperature range, ℃
-60 to +250°C-60 to +250°C-60 to +250°C-60 to +250°C-60 to +250°C

CHAGR 092 392 592 silicone oil base transparent silicone grease lubrication

An efficient silicone oil base, transparent silicone grease lubrication, specially used in dielectric isolation, surface protection, demolding and lubricating, etc. applications.

Color: White

Packaging: 20kg/barrel


  1. Isolation protection

  2. Water and moisture proof(Ignition systems, insulated switch, transformers, power equipment, cables, etc.)

  3. As agingretarder for plastic and rubber

  4. As surface protective agent for metals (Ignition system, TV anode cap, battery terminals, cables and connectors, etc.)

  5. Good adhesionof machine and seal ring

  6. Sealing and crack pouring in electronics


Apply with grease gun, daubing or using brush. Can be used through spraying or soaking when the concentration is 10%

White, translucentWhite, translucentWhite, translucent
Penetration unworked,1/mm200195±10310
Penetration worked 60, max,1/mm210Max210 Max340Max
Bleed, 30hours/200°C,max%0.20Max0.2% Max0.05Max
Evaporation, 30 hours/ 200°C, max%0.95Max0.95% Max1.15Max
Service temperature range¹°C-55 to +200-55 to +200-55 to +200
Relative density at 25°Cg/cm31.01.01.0
Dielectric strength, 1.27mm gapkV/mm181818
Permittivity at 100Hz
Permittivity at 1000kHz
Dissipation factor at 100Hz
Dissipation factor at<0.002<0.002<0.002
Volume resistivity at 23°C ohm.cm0.2 x 10¹50.2 x 10¹50.2 x 10¹5
Arc resistanceseconds120120120