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Chagel 1278 two component transparent flexible silicone Medical gel

two-component transparent silicone elastomer catalyzed by platinum. After mixed, Part A and Part B will cure to flexible buffering removable material to stick with skin. This adhesive has unique physical property. It’s proper to be used in biomedical as bonding and self-adhesion material. This elastomer is made from PDMS catalyzed by platinum. Cure temperature range: from room temperature to 200 °C, won’t produce any by-products.

  1. Solvent free two component material

  2. Transparent both before and after cured

  3. Platinum catalyzed curing system

  4. No by-products after curing

  5. Low viscosity before cured, easy to application

  6. Excellent flexibility, free from stress

  7. Extremely low oil exudation, good anti-poisoning

  8. By adjusting the mix rate of part A and part B, can adjust the gel adhesion

Color: Clear

Packaging: Part A:10 KG, Part B:10 KG, Part A:20 KG, Part B:20 KG

Application: Suitable for sticking with skin, used for wound stickers, Scar sheet, eye patch and Nipple cover. Also for filling the cover bag of headrest, seat lumbar pad etc.


  1. Mix Part A and Part B by 1:1 mass ratio, after evenly mixed, standing 10 minutes later, then pouring directly into the modules slowly along the walls of the implements, so as to reduce the bubbles happens

  2. Still the potted article to let out the bubbles. It can be cured by heat, about 2~5 minutes under 120°C (depending on the thickness of gel). It needs about 6-10 hours to cure under room temperature.

  3. Vacuum defoaming can improve the performance of cured product.

  4. Seal the remaining products tightly after use.

  5. Low temperature will slow the curing speed; heat curing is recommended.

Material—-PolysiloxaneHydrogen polysiloxane
ColorVisual inspectionTransparent LiquidTransparent Liquid
Viscosity25°C, cps950±150550±150
Density25°C, g/cm30.990.99
Viscosity of mixture25°C, cps800±150
Application temperature°C-60~200

Chagel 1068 two-component high transparency liquid silicone elastomer

Two-component, silicone elastomer which can cure at room temperature by a poly-addition reaction. This reaction can be accelerated by heat.

  1. Easy processing and curing

  2. Middle viscosity, easily mixing as 1:1 by weight or by volume.

  3. Excellent transparency

  4. High stability to ozone and ultraviolet light

  5. High temperature stability

  6. High stability and flexibility at low temperatures

  7. Outstanding resistance to aging and weathering

  8. Low hardness, soft and flexible

Color: Clear

Packaging: Part A:10 KG, Part B:10 KG, Part A:20 KG, Part B:20 KG

Application: Provide a glassy clear appearance to parts manufactured using it. The rubber is an excellent candidate to consider for cost-efficient manufacture of highly transparent optical parts, with very low modulus.


Remix each of the two components (part A and B) every time before using.

1. Mixing of the two components

Add 100 parts A to 100 parts B.

The two components may be intimately mixed either by hand or using a low-speed electric or pneumatic mixer to minimize the introduction of air into the mixture.

The viscosity of part A and B can be reduce using Sepna 2300, add 5 to 10% of the quantity of SI2601. This will make no significant change to the mechanical properties after polymerization. Up to 30% of Sepna 2300 can be added without causing exudation.

2. Degassing

After mixing base and catalyst, it is recommended to eliminate entrapped air.

If the processing is done with the help of a machine both parts are degassed before mixing.

A&B is degassed under a vacuum of 30 to 50 mbar. Under vacuum, the product expands 3 at 4 times its initial volume and forms bubbles on its surface. These bubbles will disappear gradually and the mixture will sink back down to its initial volume. Wait a few minutes to ensure complete degassing and then release the vacuum. The product is ready for use.

ColorVisual inspectionColorless LiquidColorless Liquid
Viscosity23°C, cps40003500
Density23°C, g/cm31.01.0
Mixture/mass ratio23°CA:B=100:100
Viscosity of mixture23°C, cps3700
Operation time23°C, min25
Tack free time23°C, min, approx90
HardnessShore 0010